19+ Loans for Learners

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19+ Loans for Learners

19+ Loans for Learners

You can start a Level 3 (or above) course without paying a penny upfront - and only begin repayments once you are earning over £21,000 a year.
Courses include:
✓ Health and Social Care
✓ Child Care - the Early Years Educator
✓ Business Administration
✓ Leadership and Management
✓ Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
and many others - click for details!

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New Ofsted report says VTS is

New Ofsted report says VTS is "Good" in all categories.

In December 2016, Ofsted said about VTS: "This is a good provider. The proportion of apprentices who achieve their qualifications is high; most current apprentices make good timely progress.  The standard of apprentices’ work is high and employers value the contribution that they make in the workplace. Assessors have high levels of industry experience and knowledge that they use well to develop apprentices’ practical skills and knowledge. Managers work effectively with employers, external agencies and other stakeholders, including NHS Trusts, to develop programmes that meet regional and local skills needs."

Read the report here:

VTS is a leader in the provision of Apprenticeship and private training programmes in and around Essex. Whether you need nationally recognised qualifications in Child Care, Health and Social Care, Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, Team Leading, Management, Customer Service, or Business Administration, over 21 years we have built up a delivery team that we believe is the best you will find. Our programmes can be full or part government funded, privately funded or learners can apply for a 19+ Learning Loan for certain level 3 or 4 courses.

Contact us on 01702 353557 or email info@vts.ac.uk for more details.  Apply On Line – Click Here!